Courtney, Ben, Henry (6), Jack (9), and John (3)

Courtney, Ben, Henry (6), Jack (9), and John (3)

CF Etiquette has a number of new etiquette classes for business professionals, adults and children. Courtney holds two licenses in Etiquette from the prestigious The Emily Post Institute in Business Etiquette and in Children's Etiquette.

  • Have a business or corporation that could benefit from a professional business etiquette class?

  • Want to feel confident in any dining business situation with a dining etiquette course?

  • Want your children to brush up on their everyday manners?

  • Need help with children’s table manners and dining out?

  • In need of a Ladies’ Night Out that is both fun and filled with valuable learning?

  • Have new college hires who are in need of business etiquette training?

There is nothing more valuable than knowing how to conduct yourself in all of life’s situations. Manners are simply about the three principles of Consideration, Respect & Honesty, and knowing how to apply those to every situation in life. Each of the classes below uses those three principles to instill etiquette tips for a lifetime!

Business Etiquette Expert

Business Etiquette Expert

Business Etiquette Classes: 

CF Etiquette offers a variety of corporate etiquette classes that can help build and improve relationships, both among co-workers and in front of clients. Business etiquette is an essential and valuable life skill and TOOL for anyone looking to thrive in the workplace and represent their company with a positive impact!

Business etiquette classes are a valuable opportunity for:

  • Executives

  • MBA and E-MBA Programs

  • New Associates

  • Internship Programs

  • Client-facing operations

  • Any positions that require frequent client contact

Business Etiquette topics include (can be packaged into one session): 

  • Business Etiquette/Professionalism 101 – A wonderful overview of all the important topics

  • Dining Etiquette – Dining out with Clients

  • Making a Great First and Lasting Impression – includes public speaking tips

  • The Art of Public Speaking

  • Social Media, Communications and Personal Brand

  • The 24/7 Professional

  • International Etiquette

If you'd like to set up a private individual or group session soon, please email at

Children’s Etiquette Classes:

Children's Etiquette Expert

Children's Etiquette Expert

Dining Etiquette

During this 1.5 hour class, young ladies and gentlemen will learn the art of dining etiquette from what to do when they first arrive with greetings, to table manners, to the art of the "thank you" upon leaving. This class will cover all the nuances of excellent dining etiquette and is taught in the continental style over a 4-course dining event. This session is recommended for both young ladies and gentlemen!

Ages: 5 - 8 years, 8 - 12 years, 12 - 18 years

Dates: Conducted on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Indian Hills Country Club. Contact CF Etiquette for upcoming dates. Private sessions may also be arranged at other locations based on the need of the group or organization. 

Next Children’s Dining Etiquette Course - Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

These classes are open to the public and are held at Indian Hills Country Club. Children will enjoy a 4-course dinner and instruction from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Course cost is $70 per participant. Ages Kindergarten & Up.

To Register or to learn more information about upcoming classes: email for reservations.

Middle School/High School Etiquette

Show your pre-teens and teenagers that manners aren’t about being stuffy or old-fashioned! Manners can help you build and improve relationships, and make impressions that last a lifetime. Manners can help you get ahead at school, at work, at home and even out on the court. Heading toward high school? Looking at colleges? Now is the time to brush up on etiquette and know how to conduct oneself in person, and on line

This class will cover:

·      Making a great first and lasting impression

·      Protecting your online image

·      Gracious behavior and the art of the “thank you”

·      Table manners and dining etiquette

 Ages: 12 - 18 years

Dates: Classes will be conducted over 2 sessions at 1.5 hours each. Day of week may be determined by group. Contact for pricing.

Girl Scouts/Daisys/Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts, etc.

Have a troop or scouting-type group? Let Courtney Fadler Etiquette help with a class or with earning a social badge.  Any and all ages are great! We will cover some manners basics and incorporate a fun project and snack.

Dates: Contact for pricing and to set up a group class!

Tea Party Time! (For Children or a Mom/Daughter outing)

Join us for a lovely morning or afternoon where we recreate a high-society tea party! We will learn some new table manners and practice our etiquette while we “take tea.” This is a great 1.5-hour class for children, birthday parties or even a mother/daughter or mother/son opportunity!

Dates: Contact for pricing and to set up a group class!

If you'd like to set up a private individual or group session soon, please do let us know! You can email at

Adult Etiquette Classes:


Ladies’ Night Out! Table Etiquette 101 – Downton Abbey Style

In this fun-filled 2-hour immersion class, we will dive into the specifics of the art of table etiquette at dinner! The class will include a complete 4-course dinner (with wine, if desired), and we will discuss all the proper ways to dine in grand style. Bring your friends and your Downton Abbey dinner etiquette questions, and be prepared to have a fun and interactive evening. Dressing the part is encouraged!

Dates:  Contact for pricing or to set up an individual or group class!

Etiquette and Our Children

Have a book club or dinner group? Want some tips on instilling etiquette for a lifetime in your children? There’s nothing more valuable than having a parent who is supporting the principles of etiquette at home.

In this 1 to 1.5 hour class, have Courtney Fadler Etiquette come to your group gathering and share some tips and answer your questions on working to raise children with manners in mind.

Dates:  Contact for pricing or to set up an individual or group class! 

If you'd like to set up a private individual or group session soon, please do let us know! You can email at