Holiday Party Etiquette on KC Live TV

Wondering if you have to tip on wine at that holiday dinner? Is it okay to re-gift? How many drinks are too many at the company holiday party?? These questions and more answered on holiday party etiquette with the hosts of Kansas City Live TV!

"What Can I Bring?!" Your Holiday Etiquette Conundrums Answered

Does "don't bring anything" really mean just that? I answered this question, along with many others around holiday social etiquette, on KCTV5 Better Kansas City's morning show. Listen in below for what to do if mother-in-law is expecting her recipes to be used, how to handle that late guest, should you get your boss a gift and is it okay to send your holiday cards to everyone?

You'll be calm as a cucumber all holiday long with a few of these tips - and remember to have a few small host gifts at the ready.:) Let the holiday season begin!